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The Game of Letters Gone Astray

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Game Design: Cameron Art

Illustration: Tristam Rossin

About The Game

Vowl is a fast-paced word game in which players will race against both time and each other to recognize words that have had their vowels removed. The premise may seem simple at first... But, with a few critical rules, you'll quickly realize that this is much harder than it sounds!


As you race to solve these wordy puzzles, you'll be faced with choices of how to gain points when you succeed: Either gain 2 points or gain 1 point and lower your victory condition and an opponent's victory condition by 1.


Be careful! As you acquire more points, your game will gradually become more difficult as you are forced to draw extra, more challenging cards.

This one of a kind word game features more than 400 totally unique puzzle cards for maximum replayability, 3 distinct game modes, a uniquely tiered scoring system and a simple ruleset that is sure to delight at any game night.

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